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You may have already heard the recent news that, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace Study, 62 percent of employees are “not engaged” at work. These individuals aren’t outwardly hostile, disruptive or unproductive like their “actively disengaged” peers. They usually show up and do what they’re told. Yet, while their managers and co-workers may like them, they probably don’t trust them to go the extra mile. To have the emotional commitment and self-motivation to move from competent to excellent. And that lack of trust can keep your organization from achieving its fullest potential.

Putting Servant Leadership into Practice: Empathy

Is empathy the key to business effectiveness? According to several researchers, the answer is a certain yes. A 2013 study published in the International Journal of Economics Business and Management Studies revealed a direct, scientific correlation between the level of empathy demonstrated by business leaders and the level of leadership effectiveness.

Can you help me?

In response to ever-increasing levels of competition from their on-line competitors, many traditional retailers are putting more emphasis on personal and friendly service – “the human touch.” After all, high-end retailers like Nordstrom have successfully used this approach for years. Deliver superior service and engender customer loyalty – it certainly sounds like a recipe for success. Perhaps like us, you’ve noticed an uptick in attempted helpfulness in your recent shopping trips. Or have you?

Putting Servant Leadership Into Practice:  Listening

Every day, employees across the country receive more than 1,800 messages. From phone calls and emails to memos and face-to-face conversations, our workforce is bombarded with information. How can we manage so many messages throughout our day? The truth is, we don’t. According to the International Listening Association, we are distracted, forgetful or preoccupied an astounding 75 percent of the time that we’re listening—meaning there’s not much listening happening in our offices! Imagine how much more progress could be made as businesses and in our own leadership journeys if we truly valued and practiced engaged listening.


According to a recent Gallup Poll, more than 70 percent of Americans are disengaged at work. That’s seven out of every 10 employees – the majority of our workforce! What’s especially challenging is that many of these individuals are adequate contributors. They get the job done. They receive average performance reviews. But, they are largely going through the motions without the passion, commitment or creativity of their more engaged peers. Just think of the untapped potential you could unleash if you were able to help these competent performers truly engage with you, their peers and their professional responsibilities.